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Drafting Proposals for Foundation or Corporate Grants

Edwards Law, PLC offers grant proposal drafting as one of its many services.  Chad Edwards has raised millions of dollars through his foundation grant proposals for nonprofits across the nation.

There are more than 85,000 foundations in the United States alone, with assets in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Every year, in the US, foundations are required by law to give away at least 5% of their assets.

What is a foundation?  In most countries, a foundation is a nonprofit organization started by a wealthy individual, family, or corporation, which disburses grants to accomplish certain goals.  Most often, a foundation’s goals will be to improve its local community through education, the arts, scientific or medical research, community services, or helping the poor.

Foundations always have a mission.  If you have a nonprofit and want money from them, you must convince them that you will accomplish their mission with that money.

We convince them through the proposal process.

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