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Contract Drafting
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Internet and Cyber Law Contracts

Edwards Law, PLC drafts Domain Sale and Transfer Agreements, License Agreements, and other business contracts for website owners and online businesses.

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Business Contracts

Our firm is pleased to draft detailed, binding Sale Agreements, License Agreements, Franchise Agreements, and other business contracts.

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Employment Contracts

We draft Noncompete Agreements, Termination Agreements, Employment Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements (Confidentiality Agreements) and other contracts related to employment.

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Internet and Cyber Law Contracts:

Transactions on the Internet pose a different set of challenges for businesses.  Whether you plan to buy or sell a web domain, draft a license agreement, or set up an online business, Edwards Law can help.

Web Domains:  Did you know that web domains are considered property in some parts of the country, and contractual rights in others?  Make sure your domain sale and transfer agreements have you covered.  Edwards Law is experienced in cyberlaw and will ensure your interests are protected.

Business Contracts:

All business agreements should be in writing.  Edwards Law will draft a contract to bind your transaction and give you the legal protection your hard work deserves.  From sales and purchase agreements, acquisitions to requirements agreements, Edwards Law will iron out the fine print so you can focus on the big picture.

Edwards Law also reviews transactional agreements to ensure your interests are protected.

Employment Contracts:

Whether you are an employer or an employee, employment contracts are essential to protecting your rights and enforcing the duties of the other party.  Edwards Law provides Employment Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements (Confidentiality Agreements), Noncompete Agreements, Termination Agreements, and other agreements related to employment.

Edwards Law also reviews employment agreements for employees who need independent counsel to make sure their interests are being protected.

Marital Contracts:

Edwards Law also provides services drafting marital agreements, including prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and reconciliation agreements.  Read more about these services here.